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​"Hi Bujka. Wow! your video takes the instrument to places

I've never quite heard before! Cheers, Steve"

"You're an amazing bass virtuoso!!"

"Igazi Vagy !> semmikamu !!!!!"

"hi good bassman..compliment for your style"

"Hey bbassbujka, you're really good at what you do :)"     

"Your such an amazing bass player!!! Love it!!"

"Wow. i really like your style of playing, and it's played

very very well! Great job!"

"wow you're absolutely amazing. so talented !"

"you play like a god 5 stars for your channel kiss" 

                      thx ,thx,i know : ) hahahha ; )  

"Dont worry about it! your good :)"

"Flying fingers my friend. Sounds great."

"Wow, really cool your guitar playing! I subbed! ;)"

"Hello from Texas! You are absolutely amazingly talented.

Love the overtones you are

getting in this piece. I a glad to have a new sub buddy.

Best wishes :)"

"wow amazing"

"Thanks Balazs - Great bass playing."

"very cool play..!"

"Great Music...i subbed my friend...thank you...!!"

"very passionate guitar playing, well done. Much success to

you Bujka!"

"Good day Bbassbujka!!! Hope your well, your channel

looks brill!!"


"Great playing!"


"great channel.congratulations."

"love it love it love it"

"Real nice music, amazing playing"

"Good music!"

"Beautiful!!! Blessings always"

"just stopping by again....had to check out that

bass it....nice feeling:)"

"Hi Bujka Balázs ! Thx and welcome !! You rock !

Love from Amsterdam"

"Excellent music and cool channel here - keep it goin' "

"'re Fantastic..I subbed :)))"

"Wow! You are amazing. I loved Old Violin Sunburst.

You have a wonderful talent.

Will be subbing so I can hear more of your music."

"Wow your old violin sunburst video blew me away :D

I love how you're playing in the

beginning with two hands on the fret board. That's amazing!"

"hey, your really good, greetings from mexico"

"cool!!:) you´re the best!! ^_^"

"very good at improvisation in tapping!!!saludos desde


" Awesome Bujka !! Very Musical !!!(Derrick Murdock)"

"your amazing! I just showed my better half and was jealous

of the comment, I guess I need to practice way more,

Like for the rest of my life!(SIGH.......)"

"It was a pleasure to see and hear you play!"

"Hey dude ! youre great !!"

"Yeah Man!"

"super bas playing))) love it"

"Keep posting bass songs it's good!"

"Balázs. Wonderful music!God bless you,anne:)"

"Thanks!!! Please SUBSCRIBE :)

Your guitar playing is great!-Claire"

"Bad ass guitar playing and style"

"Just dropping back in to enjoy your AWESOME playing. :-)"

"i can write as i listen! that means it sounds nice!!!

keep playin it also gave me some ideas for a video!!!

i write and put alot of stuff to music video. a

wesome playing here!"

"REALLY enjoyed your featured video! Looking forward to

checking out more of your work!"

"Hey duuuude!

...I just came here - listened to a bunch of your tunes now

and haVe to say that this is very GREAT music overall!

I like your style a lot as well as the sound you have!

Immediately subbed. Actually I don't do this!"

"Nice :) you playing good Really good Keep it up! :)"

"awesome job brother. sounding nice!"

" I enjoy your guitar playing, maybe I can learn something!"

"Wonderful playing ! in your feature ! BRAVO !!!"

"Hello!... How are you?...  I like your channel!"

"Hi!Thanx for accepting the invite,

I subbed you back,---Positive vibrations brother ---

I love to hear Ur tunes --- One LOVE with blessings."     

"Love your stuff,man.....reminds me of growing up with

yes.....well done..... "

"hey bujka thanks for the add.. i'm really inspired by your

tap style on bass..

i'm trying to develop my tapping techniques as well..

any advice?? greetings from iraq"

"Thanks for the friendship! Cool stuff!"

"Great sound, Nice channel Greetings From Brazil"

"great, great video..nice channel"

"Awesome! The worlds need more creative bass players like

yourself :)"

"Thanks for your music, for your comment to my channel,

and for the sub. Greetings from Canada!"

"Hallo , thanks for accept me to your friends list.

Excellent music ! Best regards , Marta ."

"Awesome videos man"

"i subb you .nice channel.!!! "

"Raw and great."

"Good to be connected Mr. Guitar-man.Love your tone setting

on your guitar."

"Hi Bujka, beautiful channel you have here and music.

I am happy to be your friend."

"Wow...great talent!!!!!!!!!"

"szia bujka! Great techniques! Ever seen Abe Laboriel?"

"You have a very interesting musical expression.

Your musical concept and your rhythms

are very complex. Congratulations and greetings from

southern Chile."

"Love ur vids:D"

"Great work on tHE BASS THERE! aWESOME!"

"That is totally Awesome Bujki -Gary,

The Renegade Dream Builder"


"cool vids ! you r gifted"

"Héj Bujka Balázs! Láttam a videódat Youtube-on! Nagyon jó!

Isten áldjon meg ebben a tehetségedben:)"

"Hehehe, I liked your way of playing..."

"Great guitar playing. Keep it up. You got skills."

"Hello sweet guy, I'm looking forward to a great friendship.

Boldog új évet"

"I love the music! I'm looking forward to more videos from

your channel.

Best wishes, Nathan"

"Thank you Bujka Balázs! Love your performance!

Beautiful icon and BG!

You have a Wonderful Channel! Nice to be friends!"

"love guitars xD dnt be a stranger to my page now.... ;)


"Thanks so much. It is awesome to have a friend that is

International lol.I hope you have a awesome holiday."

"wow u are great *-* love ur music!"

"Wow awesome! Always wanted to learn how to tap"

"Wicked Channel!! :D"

"whatt? i wish i could do that with my guitar :P "

"great page bro, keep up the work on the music you sound

great, i subbed ya and added you as a friend,

good luck and merry christmas!"


"Good style friend i like it."

"Great talent here"         


"great talent bro...keep going..subbed u ..

pls sub us tooo..."

"Hi & Really Cool Videos, You are Just Awesome!!!!Marlene"

"Fantástico! Parabéns pelo seu talento, muito bom mesmo."

"Bujka! Thank you! You are amazing ... my respect!

Wish you a lot of success! :)"

"such a pro at the guitar....keep it up"

"Super gespielt......... s u p e r "

"thanls for subscribing you are sub# 100!!! :D

also also like your playing keep on rocking!

"Very cool sound and technique, man! Unique on youtube.

I've subbed."

"nice playing sir"

"you are so incredible I was too distracted by your

technique that I was about 40 seconds in before

I realized you were playing a bass!"

"Cheers Bujka,Excellent unique guitar style !

I've thoroughly enjoyed this Marvelous musical video !

A Grand Awesome work !Two Thumbs up "No Doubt" and

Infinite************stars for your Supremely Superb

Magnificent Performance !

Keep up the Awesome work !Peace Always ! Chaz"

"Awesome! Do you tour so I can check you out live?"

"Very beautiful guitar you play is good ...

Congratulations from Indonesia ...:)"

"real real nice and different! great style,


"Wonderful technique. "    

"Really cool, man.....awesome stuff...."

"really smooth brother, although the video is a bit blurry

 when moving but i can hear the smoothness of the notes you

played, really nice wish i can play on my guitar as

smooth as you did"

"Muito bom! Grande performance!"

"I just can't stop watching, awesome!"

"Bravo , Fantastic playing-Robin Ariel Ross St Claire



"Great, congratulation **********"

"very interesting :)"

"u get new possibilties by your style !!" 

"Great, great, great!!!Greetings from Brazil!Thumbs up!"

"if only the camera could keep up with your fingers, man!

well done."

"Sick stuff! Love it brother, love it! --ADam"

"beautiful music. Thank You for shareing your video."

"Balázs! Ez fantasztikus! Nagyon köszönöm! Magdi"

"Great Skills!"                                                                    

"Belo video amigo!! Boa apresentação de como se toca um

dedilhado com otímos acordes parabéns!!"

"Belo video amigo belissíma apresentação nos acordes !!

Parabéns tem muito talento!! 5*****" 

"What a great performance."

"you're great!"

"Csodállak, nagyon jó hallgatni!"

"Unique !!! Really great."


"Wow!!! You certainly know your stuff."

"Excellent my friend. I enjoyed this very much.

I am trying to catch up on listens tonight.

LOL This makes me happy I stopped by. Amazing!!

Thumbs up again"

"bah,muito legal,nao tinha visto alguem tocar essa maneira

antes, gostei muito.Se puder,da uma passada no meu canal,

e os videos que assistir comenta se puder"


"Simply Awesome playing. Thank You for shareing your great

talent.Hugsies and smiles"

"you are the best man....................."

"Absolutely brilliant."

"hi we love it cool & great "6 sTring ,hi balaz we love

it....cools & great" 

"Brilliant for sure!!! This was very impressive man"

"freek'n brilliant mate :D"

"I believe this one is my favorite so far ,

however i do love all the videos I have watched here so far.

Excellent talent . Enjoying emmensely. 2 thumbs up this is

beautiful and magical to listen to."

"bravissimo !!!"

"uhh, szép:D"

"An awesome piece and a pleasure to listen to.

Thumbs up X 1000"

"this one is so heavenly. Loving the listen.

Gold stars and 2 thumbs up"

"I love watching you create your music.

You seem to be enjoying playing so much. WTG!!!

Listening and loving this. Thumbs up"

"Great atmospheric sound job! I like your style!

*****See you!"

"nice tune  love  jeff"

"AWESOME indeed. thumbs up"

"great work mate... thats fantastic playing"

"Great, very tasteful tapping! Very well done!"

(Martin Motnik) 

"Thats some fancy playing and I really enjoyed this.

just ignore the suggestions to ad this or that.

You know what your doing so do it your way.

beautiful recording."

"Wow really great videos. You've got a great talent man!

Take care."     

"I really appreciate it, you're A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

great work brother.

I sub'd you, sub me back if you want.. it's all good,

have a great week."   

"how's things where you are - weather's beautiful here!" 

"excellent and original bass work..very cool and very

tight..nice.. "

"you tap like your fingers are on fire!!"      

"WrecklessCrewTV has posted a comment on your profile:

Awesome Channel and Music! We're Listening Here In Canada!

WrecklessCrewProductions *519*"      



"incredible my freind"

"awsome work man : D "

"God bless you. Beautiful music!" 

" mistervoice20 has posted a comment on your profile:

♫ ♬ ♪ cool channel, please more ♫ ♬ ♪ "

"wonderful guitar my friend. SUBBED YOU"

"sweet strings"    

"You Have A Nice Channel"

"klassz, üdv."


"nice bass"

"Just came back to WOW one more time:) that is an awesome

sound. i love someone that consciders there may be another

limit to reach, this stuff is very cool!"

"awsome videos man!!!" 

"Bujka, Really my friend, you excellently play guitar,

you have very good pace, our universe needs beautiful music,



"Great bass pickin' !"

"Great Bass Playing , i played bass for a while i found it

very soothing at times when i was alone ,

kinda realy have to feel the bass

as you play , its a much more challenging instrument

i think , i hope you are well my friend ,

big hello from England ."  

"shame on you!!! for having all that talent! man!!! is loving it!!!

..better know i sub/ have a great day"  

"Thank you for the compliment and I SUBBED you!"

"Absolutely wonderful work! LOVED the featured video with

the sunburst bass! Sincerely-Psykosity"

"love your playing charlie las vegas chazo1969"

"You are so talented!!"

"hey, great channel, subbed!"


"^^ Blessings^^:D"

"jóóóóóóóóóóóól :) huh de ügyes vagy!!!!"

"Hát úgy szól,ahogy,de Te király vagy:)!"

"Great channel, my friend. Keep up the amazing work d-_-b "

"You're very talented ! Excellent guitar playng !

Hello from Romania! Subbed!"

"Hey,thanks for accepting my invite! Great stuff!I subbed!"

"Just love your bass playing , so different and awesome !!

Thank you for putting your videos up for us ..Daz" 

"‎Awesome , so much substance in what you do !!"    

"It's amazing how you can play like two musicians in one.

Wonderful music!" 

" Még egyszer nagyon jó, ahogyan csinálod,

megpróbálok a játékodból tanulni.További sok sikert !!!"

"very nice video. Creative playing. Love it."

"loveyour work u have great vids"

"Daniele Petrocchi Bujka the best!!! ;-)"

"wow, i am impressed. Really good!"


"Love & Appreciation"

"very well done, thumbs up and shared on google+"

"love the music.greetings from boston"

"Nagyszerű játék!!"

"Congratulations dude !!"

"...I had a great time with my New Bass Player/Band Mate

Bujka Balázs... by the Look of the first stuff written

It's Going to ROCK Hard!!!!!

thanx Man for your great Musical Ideas...

I could stay all day Listen to your Bass Lines!!!"

"Grande Bujka!!! Sei sempre il migliore "

"Bravo! Azért ehhez a technikához gondolom, kellett néhány

év gyakorlás.. Üdv "

"Balázs! Ez már egy külön zenei tudomány ágazata!

Sok sikert a zenéléshez! Andor." 

"Happy New Year to you dear, how are yu, wishin yu a

wonderful 2013,

thanks for yt friendship and great videos yu make :)"

"-nagyon nagy!!!-tökéletes solo....,

és szép hangja van a gitárnak!!!!"

"Óriási zene. Köszönöm Balázs ezt az évet, Neked. BUÉK"

"My great bass player and friend Bujka Balázs!!!Enjoy-it"

"Hello Why are you so fameless?You are sick!"

"5★★★★★ CHANNEL here friend, Have a nice weekend"

"Igazán megérdemled a publicitást.

Engem teljesen elvarázsolsz a muzsikáddal."

"My pleasure! You are an amazing bass player.

Keep on rockin my friend! Check out our new Bass page " Thank You ArtisanBassWorks!

"You're a great bass player, and I believe any student

could learn much from you.. Many blessings."

"Tanulni kell a jót."

"ajánlom minden-bass-gitár tanulónak-a -Balázst-Ő egy

-vérbeli-profi basszeros!!!!!!"

"Balázs csak azt tudom kívánni, hogy nagyon sok siker

 kísérjen... ha valaki, hát Te megérdemled...."

"Hát Májsztró ugye, azt mondom én is mint Udynak te.

Nagyszerű interjúalany vagy így összekombinálni,

tudtad volna ha én most nem mondom,ha Jimmy Page

cirkuszba kezdte volna a pályafutását,

sokkal korábban lett volna világhírű.

Én csak azt tudnám hozzátenni,ha felkínálnák a cirkusz

zenész állást rögtön elfogadnám. Tutti világhír.

ÁÁ csak ízetlen tréfa, nehogy bedőlj a dilimnek,

remek muzsikus vagy, amit itt játszottál nekem a múlthéten,

csak hápogna mindenki tátott szájjal,

látod még a Famous muzsikus Vasvári is csak hümmög és azt

mondja hajjaj, de megközelíteni sem tudja amit hall a saját

különbejáratu famous fülével.

Én mindenesetre külön köszönöm a

kiváltságot neked Bali hogy barátod lehetek,

és nem hallanám a Muzsikádat,

nem hinnék a szememnek és a fülemnek sem,

azt hinném valami nagyon jó basszgityósok játszanak együtt,

és remek a hangmérnök, aki ezt így összetudta hozni.

Csak röviden ennyit. Thx Zoli Zoltán"

"Nem tudom ki milyen ember, és mit gondol rólad,

vagy bármiről a világban, de azt tudom, hogy az én szememben

ezerszer többet érsz mint az összes többi okoskodó,

pökhendi, aki csak a maga világában él, és félti a tudását

az emberektől,meg a leendő basszusgitáros generációktól.

Köszönöm a sok hallgatag, talán hasonlóan érző,

és még a basszusgitárt ismergető,

tanuló emberke nevében is hogy a tudásodat nem rejtegeted.

És légyszíves még több Bujka videót a youtubera!"

"Cool playing and tracks!"

"Enjoyed listening to the sample of your melodic bass
playing. Very nice Bujka."


"Awesome music!! Keep up the good work!!

Richard Willis- Lead Singer/Executive Order"

"Excellent and original playing, Have a very good day.



"Really good !!"

"amazing playing! wow"


"That was wonderful :) "

"Professoniális!!!!-ezt csak a Balázs-tudja!!!!!!


"very cool"

"very good! I like it. Subbed."

"very unusual music! great playing "

"Very impressive tapping. Great music."

"JJ Rocks

As of this date you are the finest bass player to ever be

on this site. I love to watch you play! Peace - JJ "

"Excellent. I am glad to see you perform"

"thank you! your music is beautiful, and you got brilliant

ears and wonderful technique"

"great! I heard your tappin' like footsteps of God."  

                                          YES!THX! -Balázs










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Bujka Balázs 6 String Bass Player,Solo Bass Player



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