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"Six-string, two-handed tapping, Hungarian style!"

My name is Balazs Bujka, I was born in 1974 in Budapest, Hungary. My parents are artists, painters, not musicians.
I was 12 or 13 in 1986 when I first went to my first practice. Back then I wanted to play the drums, but I saw a “real bass guitar”, and I was amazed by its strings, and I was a bit envious of my friend who had it. . .but I had no clue as to what such an instrument is capable of doing. In 1988 I have heard the classical “Sting of the Bumblebee” by the Manowar band with a guitar, a bass and drums in heavy metal style. I knew right away that I want that instrument and that I must play like that or I won't play at all. Well, the latter didn't quite happen...ha ha ha. So that's where I've started from. I got my first four string in 1990, and later, in 1996 my six string Aria ProII, Steve Bailey which I have been using ever since.
Since then I've been playing in many bands in several different styles, in traditional and in more extreme set ups for shorter and longer periods. I list a few here – not chronologically though.:
Loser's Lair (thrash metal)-3 bass guitars, 1 drum and voice,
Mr.Blues Band (blues),
Triple Trouble, Silver Snake(heavy and hard rock),
D6 (pub and street music) -guitar, bass guitar duo,
Frullato (flamenco,world music)-flute, guitar, bass, percussion,
4-6-8 Bass Band (experimental music)-4,6,8 string bass with 1 drummer and 1
Greater Grace Worship Team (Christian band)- piano, guitar, bass, 2-4 singers and choir,
but I've also organized set ups for classical music with a piano, a guitar, 2 violins and 2 bass guitars.
So you can clearly see the different musical influences I've had.
I've played in theaters, pubs, church, rock club, car dealership, on the street, in canteens at garden parties, in kindergartens, schools, lobbies, cafes and hotels.
Now I prefer to play solo, without accompaniment, where the instrument, the musician and the music speak for themselves – presently this is my greatest challenge.

God Is My Manager.

For gigs,for shows,call Him and write email:






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Bujka Balázs 6 String Bass Player,Solo Bass Player



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